5:2 WeightLoss Workout - choose Whats Right For You


The 5:2 diet plan is currently the most popular fasting approach out there right now and has you eating a healthy caloric diet five days of the week and then consuming a reduced calorie fasting diet on the other two days.

The idea is because you are only fasting two days per week, you'll reduce your risk of losing lean muscle mass, ongoing hunger, and feelings of deprival, all while still being able to shed weight.

Many people will find it's easier just to restrict calories on those two days and then eat a calorie healthy diet on the other days during the week, compared to say reducing each day by a more moderate calorie deficit.

Diet Plan:

To work on the 5:2 diet plan, you'll eat at your maintenance calorie intake on five days out of the week. If you don't know your maintenance calorie intake, it can be estimated by multiplying your body weight (in pounds) by 13 to 14 pounds if you are moderately active, or 15 to 16 pounds if you are more active to reach your ideal calorie intake.

Then once you have this intake, you need to create your fasting days. Choose two days out of the week (any two days is fine provided they are not consecutive days) and on those two days, you'll consume just 500 calories if you're a woman or 600 calories if you're a man.

When you choose to take these calories in is entirely up to you. Some people may prefer eating them at breakfast while others may prefer them at night after work.

On both fasting days, focus on choosing healthy foods such as lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

How To Choose:

So is this diet right for you? At the end of the day, only you can determine this. If you hate feeling restricted all the time, you'll likely respond well to this diet plan as you can eat more on those non-fasting days.

But, if you struggle with hunger, you may find the 500/600 calorie days too hard to get through and as such, lose focus and give up.

Whichever route you choose, when done right, provided you eat healthy foods, this plan can work. It isn't something you should do for the long-term, but to give your weight loss a jump-start, the 5:2 diet can be effective.

5:2 diet plan weightloss

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