4 Secret Methods to Prevent Sweating

If you are searching information about how to prevent sweating, you probably want to keep that information to yourself. Wearing large amounts of antiperspirant or baby powder may help, but everyone will know that you are doing it. Here are some secret methods that may work for you and no one has to know that you are doing them.

Soak In Cool Water

Soaking in cool water will shrink up all of your pores and cool down your entire body. Both of these can help to prevent you from sweating for up to three hours.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol, if applied to the skin, will not only cool the surface of your skin as it evaporates but it will also tighten your pores. Doing this should buy you several hours of reduced sweat production. Do not do this too often as alcohol will dry out your skin.

Wear The Right Clothes

Loose clothing that is made of cotton will allow air to circulate near your skin. This will keep you from sweating as much. Cotton is also absorbent so it will soak up much of the sweat that your body produces.

Eat The Right Foods

Foods that are spicy or hot in temperature will heat up the inside of your body. You will begin to sweat as your body tries to cool itself down. Eating cool or cold food will have the opposite effect and may help you to avoid sweating altogether.

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