Hidden Truths Behind White Spots on Finger Nails

Have you ever wondered how or why you get those discoloured  or white marks on your finger nails often?   Do you know this condition of White Nails or Milk spots are also known as Leukonychia (or leuconychia) medically.

Most of the time white spot on the nails is the sign of a minor injury to the area. Bending the nail, banging it while moving or clipping the nail incorrectly can cause the nail to develop a white spot. Sometimes these spots will show up some time after the injury has occurred which makes it difficult to track what caused them to appear.

White spots can also be due to dehydration – simply not drinking enough water or using a nail polish remover with too much formaldehyde or toluene. 

White spots can also be a sign that your nail is suffering from an infection such as a fungus, yeast or mold. These types of spots often develop near the cuticle or at the tip of the nail rather than in the middle. As these spots grow out it can cause the nail to flake or split as well.

Allergic reaction. 
Similarly, white spots can be a sign that your nail is suffering from an allergic reaction to a product. If you have recently tried a new nail polish, polish remover or nail hardener and you notice that you are starting to develop an allergy to the product.

Vitamin deficiency.
Vitamin deficiency can also cause white spots to develop on the nails. Women who are suffering from a calcium deficiency tend to develop these kinds of white spots. A deficiency in zinc can also cause spot on the nails. These symptoms are usually coupled with other symptoms such as dry, brittle hair that falls out.

Serious condition. 
In extreme cases, white spots on the nails can be the sign of a serious condition. Some infectious diseases such as malaria or herpes can cause white spots to appear on the nails. Exposure to a bacterial infection can also cause spots to appear on the nails, as can exposure to arsenic. Make note of any other conditions that appear along with the spots on your nails to help determine if you need to get medical attention.

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