6 Natural remedies to cure bed wetting

Bed wetting is a very basic problem mostly found in kids and at times even elders. But it could be treated naturally with the following items at home.

Cinnamon- Chew a small piece of cinnamon during the day or add it to your favourite food in the powdered form as a major ingredient. This is known to control the bedwetting habit.

Honey- Have a teaspoon of honey everyday before going to bed in order to cure bedwetting.

Olive oil- Heat the oil and gently massage over the lower abdomen area. The heat produced would restrict urination during sleep.

Walnuts and Raisins- Give your child few walnuts and raisins before going to bed. Repeat for few weeks till you see positive results.

Cranberry juice- Although it is better to avoid liquids before sleep, a cup of cranberry juice would help your child get rid of bedwetting issue.

Gooseberry- It's also a very effective method. Crush and mix gooseberry with honey and turmeric and have it during breakfast.

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