Improve Your Skin Tone And Look Younger In Less Than 60 Minutes

Ingredients needed for Homemade Facial Kit:

  • Salt
  • 2 Flannels
  • Chair
  • Towels
  • Sugar and Spice facial mask
  • Light moisturiser
  • Hot water
  • Cold water
  • Facial steamer or hot water and towel
  • Cucumber
  • Glass or bottle of water


  • First of all wipe of all make up and clean face well.Soap is preferred for this as it is one of the best things to make your skin tighter. 
  • Turn on the taps in your bath or sink.
  • Now, get a flannel and dunk it into hot water. Add a dollop of salt to the flannel.
  • Start scrubbing your face in circular motions. Don't drag the skin because it will start to make it wrinkle and you could scrub too hard. 
  • Just keep scrubbing all the way around, including your neck region. You will feel your skin begin to tingle, this is great, but if it starts to smart then you are using to much pressure.
  • Don't forget the eye area. Just be really gentle. The skin around your eyes will probably be the most caked with makeup. So its a good idea to use the salt on the area, just take it easy.
  • After you have finished to salt scrub, rinse the flannel and soak it once again with the hot water. Sit down on the chair as near to the steam as possible, but don't lean over it. Put your head back and place the flannel over your face. Then relax. Try to keep it in place for at least ten minutes, topping up the hot water intermittently .
  • After ten minutes, take the flannel away and open the sugar and spice face mask. I chose that one because its scrummy delicious! When you first apply it, it takes you by surprise because its hot! Somehow putting it on damp skin makes it warm up and your face feels divine when its rubbed in. Or use any face mask that you feel comfortable with.
  • Sit back in the chair and leave it on for another ten minutes. The warmth of the mask will bring the blood up to your face and you will feel a lovely warm tingle to your skin.
  • When the time is up, rinse your face with warm water. Then comes the steam. Place your head over a steaming basin until your skin starts to drip with sweat. This is bringing out all the impurities and cleansing off the last of the masks residue. When you have finished, turn off the taps, and open a window.
  • Take the other flannel and soak it in cold water. The colder the better. Then place it over your face and take a seat for a few minutes. If you have any cucumber, now is the time to apply it to your eye area, underneath the flannel.
  • Cucumber is a great astringent, it closes the pores, and helps to get rid of bags under the eyes. Stay there for as long as you feel comfortable.
  • Now for a massage. Remove the flannel and splash cold water on your face. The heat and cold of the water is stimulating your facial skin bringing blood to the surface. That alone will make you look rosy red and younger.
  • Now for the light moisturiser. Don't use thick cream as this isn't meant to moisturise your skin, but to just make sure you don't pull on your skin when doing the next stage.
  • Apply the moisturiser to your finger tips and start to massage around your face. Do this in circular motions once again so as not to pull the skin. Massage deeply but not for too long. Just circle each area with your fingers, pushing upwards as you apply the lotion.
  • Gently pat around the eye area, as this is the most sensitive part of your face. Don't forget your lips.
  • Now its time to relax for a few minutes. Drink as much water as you can at this stage as the massage will have released impurities into your system. Drinking the water will rehydrate you and your skin, and clean out the dirty stuff left behind.
  • Sit back, and once again place a warm flannel over your face. Take your time, as by now you are going to be quite relaxed. You will probably want to fall asleep by now, that's what normally happens to me at this stage. Your face will feel fantastic.
  • After ten minutes, change flannels and use the ice cold water flannel again. Just for a few minutes. This is to close the pores, tighten up the skin and make it ready for the moisturiser.
  • To finish, splash with cold water. Try to get it as cold as possible.
  • Now for the moisturiser. Your skin will feel terrific after all this hard work. You won't need a thick face cream because your skin will be smooth, soft and look gorgeous! Just add a small amount of light moisturiser and rub in gently.

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