8 Things You Must Stop Doing to Your Skin

Not Removing Makeup Before Going to Bed

Actress Kate Bosworth said she can count the times she's gone to bed with makeup on with one hand. And this is evidently seen in her great looking skin. Creator of Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare, Dennis Gross MD says improper cleansing and non-removal of makeup before going to bed is one of the worst mistakes women can make.

This leads to clogged oil glands which makes your pores look larger. By the time your collagen level decreases due to age, your pores won't snap back anymore after it becomes enlarged. Moreover, non-removal of makeup can cause inflammation, which develops into free radicals and result into breakouts.

Sleeping on Cotton Pillowcases

Getting eight hours of sleep is healthy but be careful not to persistently press your face on your pillow because this can cause skin trauma. This includes permanent creases when your collagen supply breaks down.

Gross recommends replacing your cotton pillow for a silk or satin material of clothing because they don't cause much friction. Pillowcases can also cause accumulation of residue buildup so if you're prone to acne, it would really help if you wash your sheets once every week.

Skimping on Sleep

Not only can a good night's sleep do wonders in lifting one's energy, mood and metabolism, it also benefits skin greatly. Gross says if your skin is not getting adequate optimum fuel, it can become pale and dull. We would get so stressful when we lack sleep that this can actually make our bodies, which includes the skin, develop free radicals.

Using Cleansers that are Harsh

People with oily or acne-prone skin tend to lean towards usage of cleaners or exfoliants that can dry things. While it's seemingly a good idea, they actually strip your skin off its good oils and reduce its natural barrier of protection. This spurs production of oil and in turn, increase chances of breakouts. Band President of Karin Herzog Skincare, Noelle Herzog, recommends employing a face wash that nourishes skin in a milky texture.

Talking On Phone For Long Time

Talking on speaker phone is the better method because talking on your phone directly causes pressure on your face which traps in oil and results to zits. Your cellphone accumulates bacteria on its surface too so it's essential to clean it as often as you can.

 Popping Out Pimples

The right way to drain a pimple is to apply a downward pressure perpendicularly the surface of your skin. That's how dermatologists do it but when it comes to normal beings like us who panic at the mere sight of a zit, we tend to squeeze it from its side. This only causes the pimple to deepen into your skin and can leave a permanent scar.

If you can't resist the temptation, Gross says washing your face using a clean and soft wash cloth. If the pimple is up for popping, this is all the pressure it needs for drainage.

Using Too Many Products Simultaneously

Be careful not to use too many products on your skin at the same time as they may lead to irritation, harming it instead of helping. If you notice your skin becoming flaky or red, there's every chance that you're overdoing your product applications. In such case, it helps to use a soothing product every other day together with your usual serums, retinoids and peels.

Not Applying Products in Order

To maximize what good benefits you can get from your skincare routine is by following this order of product application: Start first with the product having thin consistency to one that's thick after cleansing.

That's because using heavier products first can prevent the lighter ones from effectively penetrating your skin and doing what they're supposed to do. An example for this is using toner first followed by your serum and finally, your cream.

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