5 Unknown Benefits of Castor Oil That May Shock You

Acne Prevention

To understand how castor oil can treat acne, we need to understand the cause of acne first. Acne occurs due to the irritation of the skin when accumulated impurities cause the skin to react in an inflammatory manner. When you apply it, the dirt drawing properties of it ensures that all impurities in the skin including bacteria, dead skin cells and excess oil are removed thoroughly. This helps your skin retain its natural tone. This is why you will find this oil being used extensively in the 'oil cleansing method'.

Skin rashes

A lot many today suffer from skin rashes. While skin rashes normally occur in summer you can be afflicted with it in winter as well. While there are man causes to skin rash, some common ones include prickly heat and irritation to a new skin product that you have started using. Insect bites and allergic reactions can also cause skin rashes.

The cost of castor oil is less and it can be directly applied onto the rashes. More, it is pretty easy to apply and there are no additional product requirements. You can actually feel the castor oil taking effect within minutes of applying. Castor oil has a skin smoothing action and with anti bacterial and anti fungal properties, you can expect it the rashes to go away soon. What's more, there are no side effects as well.

Hair Growth

People often use the vitamin Biotin to make sure that their hair growth is proper. However, did you know that applying castor oil can have the same effect too? Yes, this can be the alternative you might be looking at to have hair that is smooth and silky. Also, it does not cost as much and you can feel the results in as little as two weeks. What's more, using castor oil nourishes the hair roots and ensures that the skin is properly moisturized. It also softens the skin and hair.

Induce labor

Believe it or not, castor oil has been stated to be useful for inducing labor as well. Women who took it stated that they were able to deliver faster and without much pain. While the exact reason for this remains unknown, everybody from doctors to midwives use it to lessen a pregnant woman's pain.


With its skin smoothening and moisturizing effects, it comes as no surprise that it is used in massages as well. For people suffering from diseases like arthritis, applying castor oil can do wonders.

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