5 Tips For UnderArm Waxing At Home

Underarm Waxing Tip #1

  • Make sure your hair is the right length
  • Before you begin your underarm waxing, you want to make sure that your hair is the proper length. If it's too short, there will not be enough hair for the wax to stick to and if it's too long, the wax will get too stuck in the hair, creating a mess and making the hair harder to come off. 
  • Ideally, your hair should be around 1/4 inch long. If you need to, use a little pair of scissors to trim your hair down to this length. If it's too short, you'll just have to wait a bit longer!

Underarm Waxing Tip #2

  • Make sure your underarms are clean and dry
  • Take the time to clean and dry your armpits well before you begin! If they're too sweaty, the wax will not stick properly to them. Make sure you don't have deodorant on either as the wax sometimes has a hard time sticking to it.

Underarm Waxing Tip #3

  • Underarm skin has to be pulled tight. 
  • If you just hold your arm up enough to put the wax on and pull it off, that the wax doesn't come off very well because it gets stuck in the folds of your skin.
  • Put your arm up high above the head and hold onto something(say top of a door) and pull your body weight down. This way the skin is pulled as tightly as possible.
  • Then You can just apply the wax strip and pull! 

Underarm Waxing Tip #4

  • Use cold wax strips that are ready to use
  • Cold Wax Strips are not messy, they're more convenient and work better because they seem to provide just the right amount of wax whereas with hot wax, it's very easy to use too much and then it just gets stuck and is hard to get off. 
  • There are many brands of cold wax strips available like the Parissa but whatever be the brand you prefer, see to it that you buy the type specifically for Underarm,Bikini areas.

Underarm Waxing Tip #5

  • Pull the wax strip off against the direction of hair growth
  • This can be a bit tricky because unlike your legs, the hair under your arms often grows in all directions. This means that you will probably have to wax in all directions for best results. 
  • Do only a small area at a time and see what works best.
If there are still remains of wax after waxing then you can use the wax remover or take a shower.

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