25 Foods You Should Always Have in Kitchen


When coupled with rice, this is a cheap protein that is tasty and easy to add to any meal.

Sweet Potatoes: 

Creamy, sweet, and full of vitamins, these are a must have veggie.


Potassium and fiber make this food a staple in your fruit bowl. Plus, in baked goods, you can use a banana instead of an egg.

Veggie Broth: 

For soups, casseroles, and mashed potatoes, veggie is healthier than chicken.

Frozen veggies:

Add them to many meals and feel better about spending less.


This is a great additive to cereals, yogurt, oatmeal, or to bake in cookies. The fiber and omega 3s come out when it's all ground up.

Canned tomatoes: 

Pasta sauces, chili, tomato soup - tomatoes are versatile and healthy.


Protein, fiber and fat make nuts a necessity to any diet. They lower your cholesterol and benefit your skin the more you eat.


These often misconstrued protein globules are actually quite healthy for you. While you should eat them in moderation, they contain a chemical called coline, which improves memory, as well as tons of antioxidants to keep your body healthy.


Caffeine is good for your memory, and can help you complete tasks. If you're going to drink a lot, spread it throughout the day.


Tasty in salads or by themselves, these fruits have lots of important vitamins and fats.


These flavor absorbers can help bolster your immune system and lower blood pressure.


 Eat it for breakfast or throughout the day as a snack. You can choose the flavored kinds, or you can add honey or maple syrup to plain.


Protein. A lot of it.


All kinds of pasta are healthy, and can be made with a lot of different sauces for variation.


You can use onions in practically any dinner concoction.


Buy all natural, or else you're just eating empty sugars and corn syrups.


The best thing about oatmeal is what you can add to it. I take cinnamon (another healthy spice), raisins, brown sugar, and milk in mine.


Loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, you can eat beets fresh in a salad over the greens, or you can sautee the greens in garlic and olive oil.


Low calorie and high in vitamins, this cruciferous vegetable is really, really good for you.


Packed with vitamins, this fruit also contains more lycopene than tomatoes or watermelon.

Dried Plums: 

Prunes have tons of antioxidants and are sweet.

Pumpkin seeds: 

High in magnesium, these seeds are the most nutritious part of your pumpkin.


With milk comes strong bones, and choosing 1% or 2% makes it healthy enough to drink daily.

Green tea: 

Another antioxidant booster, this tea has lots of other positive health effects.

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