11 Ways To Remove Underarm Darkness From Home

Using Lemon:

  • Lemon is considered to be highly effective in skin lightening, since lemon is natural bleaching agent. 
  • Just take a slice of lemon and rub it under your arms.
  • Even lemon juice works well for dark armpits.

Using Turmeric:

  • Make a paste consisting of turmeric, lime juice, and curd. 
  • Mix well and then apply on the underarms. 
  • Wait for 15 minutes and then wash, doing this daily will make you see the difference soon.

Using Yoghurt:

  • Yoghurt is one of the most tried and tested remedy for underarms. 
  • Mix thoroughly gram flour with yoghurt and then apply. 
  • If done daily this will naturally whiten your underarms.

Using Apple cider vinegar:

  • Take a small cotton ball dip it into the apple cider vinegar and wipe off the problem area. 
  • Don't rinse.

Using Ice cubes:

  • Massage ice cubes to remove impurities from skin and increase the blood flow to that area.
  • Take ice cubes in a cloth and massage it daily for 10 minutes for solving your problem.
Using Baking Soda:

  • Mix one tsp baking soda with water. apply and rub this paste thoroughly and wash it after 20 minutes. 
  • It scrubs off all dead skin and lighten the dark area.

Using Sandalwood: 

  • Take sandalwood powder and mix little milk to it and apply. 
  • This will work not just in removing the skin discoloration but also ensures that your skin remains soft and fresh.

Using Potato juice:

  • Either cut a slice of potato or mash a whole potato and rub over its juice on affected area.

Using Aloe vera:

  • Apply the aloe vera gel under your arms. 
  • This gel provides antioxidants and moisture that helps to clean our pits and make it soft.

Using Papaya

  • Apply the papaya paste to your skin and rub it gently. Wash it after 20 minutes.

Using Cucumber:

  • Cucumber has skin lightening properties and lots of moisture that helps to repair our skin and makes it fair.
  • The juice of cucumber mixed with honey can also serve well in skin lightening of underarm.

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