Ways to Increase Growth Hormone Naturally

Growth hormone is the master hormone in your body. It is secreted by your pituitary gland and regulates all the growth functions in your body. HGH production begins declining after your reach adolescence.

This slow down in HGH production sets start the aging process. Some of the most common effects of aging include reduced energy, appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, loss of lean muscle, weight gain, reduced immunity, low libido and sexual dysfunction, reduced bone density etc.

However, it is possible to enhance growth hormone production in your body.

Listed below are some of the best ways to make your body produce more of its own HGH:

1. Laughter is the best medicine

This is not a myth. Laughter can actually help boost your growth hormone levels. A clinical trial revealed that watching a 60 minute comedy show increased HGH levels by a staggering 87% in the subjects.

Thus, if you want to delay the process of aging, try to stay happy and laugh as much as you can.

2. Detox Your Body

Detoxification is another great way to beat age effects. HGH helps liver produce Insulin Growth Factor IGF1 in your body that controls growth processes.

Getting rid of toxins helps your liver function in a much better way. Thus, it can help increase IGF1 secretion.

One of the best ways to detoxify your body is by increasing your consumption of berries and fruits. Strawberries, blueberries, acai berry etc. are rich in antioxidants and can help flush out toxins from your body. Green tea is another excellent source of antioxidants. Just a few cups a day can help you get rid of toxins and other chemicals,

3. Exercise Regularly

Exercise is one of the best ways to boost growth hormone production. You must have noticed that people who are physically active look younger than those that follow a sedentary lifestyle.

Exercise not only increases HGH production in the body but also helps increase blood circulation in your body. Another benefit is that it is a great way to bust stress.

4. Try a Natural HGH Supplement

A lot of people are now trying natural HGH supplements to combat and reverse age effects. Such supplements are a powerful mix of amino acids, nutrients and herbal extracts that stimulate your pituitary gland so that your body can produce more of its own HGH.

It is not a replacement therapy. Such supplements are safe and do not contain artificial hormone.

They can help restore your youth by strengthening almost all your body faculties. Some of the benefits include increased energy, more stamina, better immunity, weight loss, increased lean muscle, improved mental concentration, younger looking skin, improved libido and sexual function etc.
By Tanveer Quraishi

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