How To Treat Hand And Palm Numbness And Tingling

Watch your forearm while you wiggle your fingers or make grasping movements. What did you see? Did you know that the muscles that move your hands and fingers are in your forearm? When these forearm flexor muscles and tendons get tight, taut and ropy, they can irritated and put pressure on the median nerve which cause numbness to the palm, thumb, index, middle and half of the ring finger. You may also experience some tingling in the finger tips. The thenar muscles of the thumb and muscles of the palm and forearm will be tender when press upon.

When people experience hand and palm pain, numbness and tingling, they and many doctors assume it's carpal tunnel syndrome. But it fact it's peripheral nerve entrapment that's causing these hand and palm pain, numbness and tingling. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a very specific condition. It should be reserved to describe pressure or irritation on the median nerve ONLY at the wrist that causes pain, numbness and tingling to the hand and palm.

Even if there is a positive nerve conduction velocity test, it doesn't mean it's carpal tunnel syndrome. Nerves are electrical wires in your body. Nerves transmit and receive electrical, nerve impulses. The nerve conduction velocity test determines how fast a nerve travels along a given nerve. If the speed that the nerve impulse travels is slower than the normal reference value, then the test is positive. The nerve conduction velocity test does not indicate where the nerve is damaged or irritated. As a matter of fact, the median nerve can be irritated or have pressure on anywhere along its route from the neck down to the forearm, wrist and hand.

If you experience pain, numbness and even tingling to your hand, palm, thumb and fingers, try stretching the forearm flexor muscles. Furthermore, by lowering the computer keyboard and mouse tray, you also reduce the unnecessary stress and tension in your shoulders, forearms and wrists during extended computer work. If you continue to experience pain, numbness and tingling to the hand and palm, despite wearing a wrist brace at night, stretching the forearm muscles and modified your computer station, perhaps it's time to consult with a chiropractor who specializes in soft tissue treatment such as Active Release Technique.

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