10 Home Remedies To Cure Itchy Ear Canal

An itchy ear canal is often the result of an inflamed or flaky skin condition that happens when the sensitive skin inside the ear becomes damaged, waterlogged or infected with bacteria or fungus.
Medical professionals refer to it as Otitis Externa. Along with the itching sensation, symptoms can include dry flaky skin, soreness, pain and a watery discharge which doesn't smell too good.


  • Due to Fungal infections.
  • Due to spread of eczema or psoriasis.
  • Swimmers tend to be in the high risk category for developing an itchy ear. Water can carry germs and fungus into the ear which can lead to infection, especially if the skin inside the ear is broken or damaged.
  • Due to the use of Q-Tips or cotton buds.
  • Due to Weather Conditions favouring fungal growth.
  • Due to regular use of products such as hairspray, shampoo, shower gel, bubble bath, styling gel or hair dye.
  • Due to Allergies.The histamine release that is triggered by the allergen and causes a runny nose and red, puffy eyes might also be responsible for the itch in your ear canal.

Home Treatments:

Alcohol with vinegar:
  • Mix one part of rubbing alcohol with one part white vinegar in a 50:50 ratio.. Using a dipper or teaspoon pour the mixture into your ear by tilting your head to the side. Keep it inside for a few seconds before letting it drain back out onto a paper towel.
Olive oil:
  • A few drops of olive oil, mineral oil and vegetable oil will soothe and relieve the itchiness in your ear.
Olive Oil with Garlic:
  • Use olive oil along with few cloves of garlic. Boil the mixture and let it cool for a while, then you can place a few drops into your ear to get rid of the itchiness.
Heat compress:
  • Take a hand towel and warm it against heat. Apply it on the affected area. Take care that the towel is not hot.
Garlic Oil: 
  • Put few drops of garlic oil and then drain. One should include garlic in their diet too.
  • This is a common home remedy for swimmer ears. Put few drops of white vinegar and drain after a while.
Baby oil: 
  • Warm the baby oil and put few drops.
Witch Hazel: 
  • This is an effective herb for swimmer ears. Dab cotton swab in witch hazel tea and dab this on the infected area gently. Witch hazel has anti inflammatory properties.
  • This should be taken in appropriate doses for increasing immunity and fighting with the bacteria.
Calendula Oil: 
  • This oil helps in fighting against the infection and killing the bacteria. Apply this for a soothing relief.
Castor Oil: 
  • Warm castor oil and apply a few drops.

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