10 Apples To Get Rid of Acne With in 3 Days

  • For this 3 Day Apple fast you need to eat 10 apples a day and ONLY 10 apples(preferably red apples) a day. This will kill the bacteria known as candida albicans which are the main cause of your acne in the first place.
Note: you can not eat any food other than 10 apples a day for these three days straight. 
  • Apply castor oil to each of the pimples every night before going to bed.The point of applying castor oil to your zits is because it will help close them up so your body will not try and excrete more waste through them. 
  • Get an insert-able enema each one for each day.Instructions differ depending on the brand you get.Then you let it sit, change positions as according to the included directions, and within a few minutes you have the urge to relieve everything you have consumed that day.
  • Drink lots of water during this apple fast.
  • Lots of Rest is also required during this fast.Sleep for atleast 8hrs each day.

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